We help develop cutting edge websites and software-as-a-service(SAAS) platforms for startups and enterprise companies using design thinking methodology. 
Coupled with visual tools to help them conceptualise, build and deliver a valuable modern application to showcase their brand, product or service. 
Website: Wordpress with WooCommerce Plugin | Designed using Adobe Illustrator 
Platform: E-commerce, Customer Order Processing, Order Dispatch, Driver Delivery App (Roles: Web Architect, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer)

Platform: SAAS Platform on AWS (PHP, MYSQL, Apache, Linux) (Roles: Web Architect, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer)​​​​​​​
Login Page to SAAS Platform | PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS 
Platform: AWS, HIPAA Compliant, Integration with EMR/HIS Systems, Role Based User Access, (Roles: Web Architect, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer)
Landing Page for Apple TV OS App | Native TVOS 
Dashboard for SAAS Platform | PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS  (Roles: Web Architect, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer)
SAAS Platform - Business Registration, Credit Card Payment (monthly subscription) , Inventory management, Driver management (Driver onboarding and Order Assignment via API's to Driver Mobile App), Customer/Patient Onboarding, Reports, Order tracking, Compliance Reporting, GPS tracking. [AWS Cloud based, LAMP Stack] 
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