We provide SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
Enterprise iOS and Android apps
We deliver powerful enterprise apps using powerful features and seamless integration with SAP systems.
Apps without writing any code
Build rich, native mobile apps that are easy to modify - without writing any code. Tailor and administer complex SAP apps to your needs.
Instant micro app creation
Publish any data into a “wallet” or “passbook” style application with mobile card kit. Mobilize data for both iOS and Android apps.
Mobile data access
Secure access to on-premise or cloud-based data sources, data-access features and offline OData synchronization.
Notify your mobile users using push notification mechanisms, like APNS or FCM with a simple to use REST API.
Enterprise supportability
Operate your mobile solutions with remote troubleshooting features, like client log upload and network traces.
Mobile analytics
Gain insights into your solutions via various reports and client generated analytical usage information.
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