We design and develop using the power of Xcode and Android Studio, together with the ease of the Swift and Java programming language, utilizing the revolutionary features of cutting-edge Apple and Android native device features, so that you have the freedom to create your most innovative apps ever...
iPhone X App for Donor Milk Tracking - Smart Scan using camera |  [UI/UX Designer | iOS Developer]
iOS and Android App for Supply chain Track, Label and Trace in Healthcare | iOS & Android | [iOS & Android Developer, UI/UX Designer]
iOS Driver App that provides navigation, order summary, route optimization, delivery confirmation, driver delivery history and more [Xcode | Adobe Illustrator]
iOS and Android App for Nurses features include: Barcode Scanning Integration, Verification or Denied Screen, Print Label Screen, User Management. [iOS App Integration with Code/IPC/Honeywell Scanner 2D barcode scanner, Bluetooth/Wifi Zebra Printer] | iOS [iOS Developer, UI/UX Designer]
iOS App for Healthcare to be able to capture Wound images features include: Barcode scanning integration, data validation, image capture, size estimation, pdf document creation and upload to cloud server.  | iOS App [iOS Developer, UI/UX Designer]
iOS App with integration into Pick, Pack and Ship system features include: Printer integration, barcode scanning, label creation, order processing, Fed-Ex/UPS label printing. 
 | iOS xCode [ iOS Developer, UI/UX ]
IPAD Apps 
The “Med Sales” iPAD application is for managing and submitting purchase orders for sales reps from medical equipment manufacturers. [ XCode | Native iPAD Application with PDF invoicing and ERP Integrations

PMR iPAD/iPhone App allows hospital staff to access vital patient information quickly, all from a mobile device. [Xcode | Integration with Wifi Network Printer and Bluetooth Label Printer, Document Integration, View Images, Create Custom Workflows]
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