Build intelligence into your apps using machine learning models from the research community designed by Apple and Google. Realtime, personalized experiences with industry-leading, on-device machine learning using Core ML 3, Create ML, the powerful A-series chips, and the Neural Engine. 
A Mobile Application’s image recognition components can be consisted of two high-level connected components by Google's TensorFlow graph. 
Easily build computer vision ML features into your app. Take advantage of face detection, tracking, and capture quality as well as text recognition, image saliency & classification, and image similarity identification. Other features include barcode detection, landmark detection, rectangle detection, object tracking, and image registration. Use the new Document Camera API to detect and capture documents using the camera.
Take advantage of on-device speech recognition for 10 languages as well as speech saliency features such as pronunciation information, streaming confidence, utterance detection, and acoustic features.
Natural Language
Analyze natural language text and deduce its language-specific metadata for a deep understanding.
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