Would you like to allow your users to buy and sell cryptocurrency by name, email, or digital currency address. Do you want to enable your business e-commerce platform to check out using cryptocurrency? From Merchant Checkouts, Wallet Apps, to Buy Widgets, we imagine a future where we are all able to transact using any payment method & any digital currency... 

We can help develop your own cryptocurrency based wallet app for your company. Features include: 
Authorization: Sign up/sign in form to access bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin Wallet: To send and receive bitcoins, check the balance.
Most used addresses: To access frequently used addresses.
Conversion rates: To track bitcoin price.
Paper Wallet import: To scan paper bitcoin wallets.
QR code scanner: To send and request money easily.
Merchant services: To browse bitcoin merchants and to work as a merchant.
Push notifications: Alerts on transactions, changes in bitcoin price etc.
Security: To set a password and PIN to protect the app.
Image courtesy of UI/UX Designer (https://dribbble.com/FlocZynski)
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